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Business planning is an integration of financial considerations, short-term and long-term implementation strategies, and an orchestration of factors well beyond the day-to-day business operations. Whether your business holds complexities of multiple entity structures, various owners and numerous employees, or just yourself and outsourced contractors, we can help you examine how to streamline your expenses, design the best business structure for cashflow and taxation, while designing the best future plan for retirement in an exit strategy.

Our efforts are in support of all the promises you've made to yourself to succeed.

Being a small-business owner is more than a full-time job with addressing your employee and business needs, managing your business and personal finances, mitigating financial risks for your business, assessing your taxes, and planning for your retirement. 

As an expert in your field, you understand the value of your time and what benefits can be gained from a partnership to support your financial considerations. Our business planning services in Los Angeles will assist you to integrate your business into your financial plan and provide the advice that serves your best interests as an entrepreneur.

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If you have been in business for a while, you understand that business planning began as the roadmap or plan that was just about how to run your business.

Today, you understand that business planning is more about the fine-tuning of expenses, profitability, creating tax efficiencies, and eventually continuation and exit strategies.

How Can Our Business Planning Advisors in Los Angeles Help You?

Using a comprehensive, customized approach we combine tax planning and business planning with personal financial planning to find that sweet spot for your unique situation as a business owner. We work with the appropriate accounting and legal professionals to create strategies that can potentially help you reduce or defer taxes, maximize retirement benefits, mitigate risks, and gain more control over your financial future.

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Between partnerships, employees and family you have no shortage of commitments. We consider it our fiduciary duty to help you see the best possible outcomes.

    Small Business Retirement Plans in Los Angeles

    We also offer retirement planning. An area of specialization we offer is that of providing fiduciary services as it relates to 401(k) retirement plans. Here we may address the establishment of a new plan or assist in the advisory of an established plan. Within the state of California, as of June 30, 2021, employers with 50 employees or more were mandated to establish a plan or take on the state-run CalSavers program.  The next deadline of June 30, 2022 will affect more than 70% of small businesses, employers with 5-50 employees.  Understanding your options and making the best decisions for your business is crucial before being imposed to do so.

    For those of you with existing 401(k) plans, we find more often than not that multiple improvements are possible for little change in fees, or even cost savings.  Costs to manage plans have come down over the past several years and yet often changes have not been implemented.  Cost and selection of funds may be sub-optimal, costing you and your employees over time.  The implementation of regular participant education and advisory oversight can be extremely valuable.  This is especially the case when you have employee retirement plans that are organized through payroll companies without the direct oversight of a financial advisor.

    In many older, more traditional 401(k) retirement plan designs, you as owners as well as your highly compensated, key employees are limited in your contributions to your retirement plan.  Although this design is fair to your rank and file employees, it is likely limited for higher incomes.  Modern small business retirement plan design allows for fairness at all income levels.  We evaluate and recommend the best plan design based on the needs of the business, costs and fees to manage, as well as how employees and owners may benefit by implementing such enhancements.

    Representing our fiduciary responsibilities, we approach small business retirement plans in Irvine as an independent and objective firm, in evaluating the health of your plan, fund selections, asset allocations, and reasonable and appropriate fee benchmarks.